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Tony Marcus Welcomes You!

Tony Marcus is pleased to announce the release of two new CDs. The first, Vanishing Point, is all original songs by Tony. The second, Steel Swingin', is a live recording featuring Bobby Black on pedal steel guitar and Paul Anastasio on fiddle.

Vanishing Point has already garnered some praise from its first listeners:

I love this!! This is easily my favorite of all of your records that I've heard. The playing is great, the tunes are terrific, and it was really nicely recorded. I love it! Where did that first tune come from?? I was so pleasantly surprised when it started up. Really, I love the arrangements, your playing sounds terrific (as does everyone else's--Inevitability grooves along really nicely), and your tunes are melodic, interesting, romantic, clever, and original. Thanks so much for sending this to me! Best of luck with the release. You should be really proud of this one!
-- Alex Brumel

Your new cd is fantastic, and not at all what i expected.
-- Mary Flower

I’m swooning over Tony Marcus' newest album, VANISHING POINT. From the first note, I was just grinning ear to ear from the quintessential "Tony-ness" that comes through in every note of this collection of original compositions. If Raymond Chandler were a song, he'd sound just like this album-- part slippery and sly ruminations on loneliness, part familiar and fun cocktail nation cleverness…and furthermore...Think Noel Coward meets John Barry in a dark alley, and agree to argue over martinis (shaken, not stirred)... but just when you think you have things figured out, surprises lurk behind every corner-- Jobim would be pleased, and so would fans of the smartest brand of 60s funky rock. The world is a better place with Tony Marcus in it!
-- Deborah Robins-Hanks

What an unexpected pleasure it was to hear your great compositions at the Freight couple of weeks back. You know I've been a fan of your guitar work for a long time but somehow hadn't been exposed to your songwriting or your singing... both of which blew me outa the water that night! And your CD with your originals? Five stars!!!
-- Barbara Dane

Tony has long been a presence on the San Francisco Bay Area acoustic music scene. From a start playing traditional folk music (in his first band, both Laurie Lewis and Kate Brislin were his bandmates for a time) to the jazzier sounds of more recent years (Leftover Dreams, Cats & Jammers, etc.) Tony has played guitar, violin and other stringed instruments as well as vocalizing. He is often called on to do clinics and workshops in swing guitar and vocal harmonizing and arranging These have included the Puget Sound Guitar Workshop, International Guitar Seminars, California Coast Music Camp, Augusta Heritage Workshops and more. He has also had lessons and articles published in Acoustic Guitar magazine. Tony has been a member of the Cheap Suit Serenaders since 1979, and toured Europe with them twice. He has performed theatre music on stage at the Berkeley Repertory Theatre, San Jose Rep, Denver Center Theatre, Barter Theatre, Virginia Stage Co., Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park and many others. Other performers with whom he has performed or recorded include Geoff Muldaur, Kate Wolf, The Royal Society Jazz Orchestra, The Swing Session, Frank Wakefield, The Sons of the San Joaquin, Sylvia Herold, Marley's Ghost, Rose Maddox, Patsy Montana, Lost Weekend Western Swing Band and many others. Through all this time his joy in playing music remains undiminished...a quality which is infectious to the audience as well.