2017Bless you! I had a procedure today and listening to "We Must Be Arrows" through it made it bearable. I felt your deep love of the world coming through the gorgeous, lush sounds and felt held and protected by your voice. Thanks for being there, love."

On Boxing Day, that's December 26th in the States, my friend Kay Snyder asked me to join her at the Bateau Ivre for a last-minute concert conversation between our two harps, Paraguayan and neo-Celtic. What fun! As Kay says "There's something about the differences and similarities of our sister harps that's making my head buzz!" Thank you. Thank you. You did so much more than emergency rescue. Your presence, voice, and harp were - as always - magic. I felt honored to share the stage with you - and had such a very good time.

I use my harp to play healing music with a not-for-profit agency called Healing Muses. My good friend Percy Hilo reviewed our newest album for the Victory Music Review on-line. "Garden of Healing" includes two of my original tunes and a beautiful traditional Armenian song on which there is mysterious vocalese. I love the Garden Of Healing CD. The subtitle of Soothing Heart and Spirit Music of Celtic, American and World traditions is totally justified by the arrangements and musicianship. Especially satisfying was your use of voice as a pure instrument (as opposed to lyrics).

July 22 I was delighted to musically set the stage for the AWE collective, four poets who write ekphrastic poetry, that is poetry inspired by visual art. It was an inspired afternoon of listening and looking, for the poetry was read in the art gallery. One of our community of poets, Stephen Kopel, himself an ecstatic poet, just sent this appreciation: Greetings Patrice ...just a note of 'Thanks' from this poet dude for your lovely, expressive gift of making music soulful and cerebral ... as part of the third afternoon of women making the AWE gallery a place of beauty for those assembled ... stay well and strong in your passions to bless those who hear your heart and fingers create the gift of music...and, themselves, feel blessed thereby...

Another of the poets wrote: It was marvelous to hear you last Sunday. Everyday should be a Sunday. The AWE family loved you and your music. I especially loved the way that first piece brought us together to a deeper & peaceful place.

I love to sing harmonies and was invited to do so on the new album of my friend Celia Ramsay. This review from musician Libby McLaren:"your band was fantastic--you and Patrice have a beautiful blend and you sound great singing together--she is such a good sensitive listener, and blends so well with you." Woohoo!

The morning after our February 2012 concert at Wisteria Ways, Oakland which I shared with multi-instrumentalists Aryeh Frankfurter and Lisa Lynne, I received this poetic and powerful affirmation from Joelle Yzquierdo, Executive Director at Cazadero Performing Arts Family Camp:  I can't tell you how much I loved your concert last night. You are such a craftswoman, your songs, your stories, the unique atmosphere you create with your voice, the thoughtfulness and soulfulness of your poetry. I am blown away. I think you could write a song about the salt shaker on your table and I would taste the whole ocean. Thank you for daring to "drop the towel," you are uniquely wondrous.

At a recent Auburn House Concert I met Joe Offer of the Mudcat Café.  He wrote a sweet review of the show later that night, November 5, 2011.  This is the link to the entire review and here are my favourite comments: I heard Canadian/Northern California singer-harpist Patrice Haan in a house concert this evening, and she was just wonderful. She plays the Celtic harp beautifully in a variety of styles that ranges from blues to "Latinoid," and the songs she writes are very, very interesting.

    But I haven't told you the best part - Patrice has an amazing voice. I didn't believe a woman could sing notes so low with such control, and the upper range of her voice is equally remarkable. But it was those low notes that got me. It seemed like she was playing limbo with her voice.

I was featured in a piece Dave Newhouse wrote for the Oakland Tribune on September 22, 2011.  You can read the entire text here.  Here are a few of his observations: Patrice Haan towers over her harp, but the most towering aspect of her music is her poetry, which comes across with or without lyrics... There is pure poetry in the deep messages she sings or in the soft plinking of her harp strings.

    She writes and sings of lakes, streams, majestic trees and forest walks -- Walt Whitman on the harp.

    [She] was told she had an "affinity" for the instrument. That's so true. She plays the harp so beautifully that she can quiet a room into absolute silence.

Album: We Must Be Arrows

We celebrated the release of the CD with an amazing concert for a large audience who listened with the kind of intensity and attention that any musician might long for. The musicians who assisted me were soaring: David Morris (cello), Shira Kammen (vielle), Tony Marcus (guitar), the choristers: Connie Doolin, Sylvia Herold, Shira Kammen, Celia Ramsay, Tom Wagner, and a mighty bass contingent: Doug Olsen, Ed Silberman and Tony Marcus! Plus, I played on the most marvelous piano in the world, Piedmont's Fazioli. What a delirious night! My gratitude to all who came, who assisted, who listened so avidly.

The feedback has been exciting and emotional. What a lovely piece of work! My top favorite track is "Angel of Music" -- your voices together are truly celestial; but a close second is "Tea Time," and the inclusion of that tuba is simply inspired...It was a delight to hear your forays into contrapuntal writing...I also appreciated how your musical language is finding itself toes-in-many-waters, with unexpected melodic and harmonic movement riding the gamut from chant-like to big-interval-experimental...Oh Patrice, I just love your music, love your spirit, and am thrilled that there's more coming.

Priscilla Wathington, poet

I also wanted to tell you--because I don't think I've done so yet--how very deeply and incredibly I love "We Must be Arrows." I listen to it frequently and am always moved by those lines "With my harp on my back and not much more... " Even my children love it, especially my older son, who I think is some kind of an artist in the making. He asks to hear it sometimes, especially when he is tired and overwhelmed and it seems to replenish his little sensitive soul. I think his favorite song is "Tea Time."

On December 30, 2013, I received this most effusive and appreciative review from Paul Freeman in The Daily News. Albums: Entrancing music from Patrice Haan

The Canadian-born Haan, singer, songwriter and lever harp player, moved to the Bay Area 15 years ago. Well known for her vocal work with Oakland jazz ensemble Leftover Dreams, she has also collaborated with numerous folk artists. Her entrancing new solo album draws from both genres to create a uniquely compelling collection of hauntingly beautiful songs. Guests include David Morris, Rick Elmore, Maureen Brennan, Diana Rowan, Tony Marcus and The Angel Choir. Haan's supple voice proves captivating on such lovely tunes as "Since You're Away" and "Mrs. Collinson's Piano." And her harp spins its own special magic. Haan's compositions are poetic and moving. This extraordinary, timeless album affects more deeply with each subsequent listening.

Album: Bluest Blue

My musical community has responded in a terrifically positive and supportive way.

All three concerts celebrating the release of the new album, Bluest Blue were amazing. What a joy! Not only did many more people attend than we had anticipated, but actually standing up with this extraordinary band was something I'll not soon forget. My deepest thanks to René Worst, Jeff Sanford, Tony Marcus, Jennifer Scott and to Paul Anastasio, who stepped in at the last moment to play violin for the string arrangements: what a privilege to perform with them! To all who attended, my heartfelt appreciation.

ITunes- new review. Patrice sings with an honesty and vulnerability that seems borne of fully engaged living and loving. Her songs help us all to be in touch with -- and share in the expression of -- deep longing, unabashed love, poignant leaving, and full presence to the fullness of life.

Bluest Blue: more

Album: Headed Home

My wonderful teacher, mentor and musical midwife, the songwriter Bob Franke, wrote the following in his on-line blog:

Friday, April 29, 2005
Things done and left undone
I recently received a new CD from an old friend and former student, Oakland, CA-based Patrice Haan, and I played it this morning, all by itself. I expected to be delighted, but I didn't expect to weep. Patrice is a fabulous harper and a songwriter who puts her heart on the line and tells the truth. "The Year I Turned 14", which Patrice composed in my class in 1996, is every bit as heartbreaking as I remembered it. Perhaps it's presumptuous to say this about a mature artist who would have gotten that way without my help, but I'm very proud of her.
I usually don't say too much about the accomplishments of my former students except when I have the sense that (to paraphrase the Bible), if I didn't say anything, the stones would cry out. …every voice is unique, …each has had something important to say, and some have said it very, very well. But it's a rare student who gets past my analytical faculties and grabs me by the heart with his or her work. Patrice is one.
The intelligence and courage that most of my students bring to their work give me a standard to live up to...

Headed Home: more