Solo Albums

We Must Be Arrows

We Must Be Arrows (2013)

Bluest Blue

Bluest Blue (2011)

Headed Home

Headed Home (2005)

With Leftover Dreams

We'll Take Romance

We'll Take Romance

Leftover Dreams

Leftover Dreams

With Painting the Path

In the Kitchen

It seems to me that life is an ocean and I’m a swimmer. I sing to stay afloat. Often I don’t know what I’m doing. Sometimes I’m swimming for my life in big waves. Sometimes I’m just floating and humming. Occasionally I get a visit from a whale and then there isn’t much to do except tread water and listen. I love singing more than almost anything, though I’m pretty much addicted to tea. I garden, passionately. I adore my harp. I write songs. I’m interested in telling the truth, inasmuch as I discover it. And I am infatuated with harmony: harmony with the community of the whole big blue gorgeous planet! Whether designing gardens, facilitating meetings, preparing menus for tea parties (scones and jam are pretty hard to beat), hanging out with my cats, or singing (in fact, harmony singing may be better than chocolate) the combination of those arts somehow helps me find my way.

While my song writing has always been a personal practice, with great encouragement from my musical community, lately I’ve been recording some of these songs and tunes to share them. I hope you enjoy the water.

Headed Home was completed early in 2005 with assistance from the enormously talented Barry Crannel and Julianna Waters, Laura Golden, Orville Johnson, Cindy Kallet, and Tony Marcus.

Bluest Blue (2011) has been described as “Joni Mitchell meets Eric Satie.” An adventure in multi-genre composition joining jazz with the watercolours of the folk harp, this album showcases a greater confidence in singing with the considerable support and talent of these musicians: Rene Worst (bass), Jeff Sanford (saxophone), Tony Marcus (guitar), Jennifer Scott (piano),  Shira Kammen (vielle), David Morris (viola da gamba), Julian Smedley (violin), Dan Reiter (cello), and Brian Rice (percussion).

I cannot rave enough about the extraordinary perceptiveness, musical integrity and downright talent of these people. Please check out their music.

My most recent release We Must Be Arrows (2013) continues the progression of adventuresome composition: “antique tonepoems for modern mystics”.. Arranging two songs with the imaginative and skilled cellist David Morris has been a particular joy. Other musicians include Rick Elmore (tuba) and harpers Maureen Brennan and Diana Rowan, and the subtle guitar of Tony Marcus. A village of singers also joined in as choirs on two tracks: Connie Doolan, Sylvia Herold, Kathy Kallick, Shira Kammen, Doug Olsen, Celia Ramsay, Ed Silberman and Tom Wagner.


About the Harp

I’ve loved the sound of harp and wanted one with all my might since I first heard it when I was about 6 years old on an album was called Rusty in Orchestraville. I finally got a harp, a lap harp, in my mid-30s.  Headed Home was recorded on a gorgeous 36-string walnut and cherry lever harp built by Dusty Strings of Seattle.

I now play and am utterly devoted to my Cithara Nova harp built by John Westling of Sandpiper Instruments in Oregon.  It is a glory: lightly strung, responsive and utterly beautiful.  Check out the construction pictures so you can swoon along with me! Unlike a concert harp, which has pedals, my folk harp has sharping levers to allow me to change keys. And my harp weighs a mere 27 pounds.

If you’d like to learn more about the folk harp tradition in North America, contact the International Society of Folk Harpers and Craftspeople. The Bay-area chapter of ISFHC is Harpers Hall, which is home to harpers in the south bay area.  The Bay Area Folk Harp Society is represented by a Yahoo news group.

Weddings, Parties, & Events

Music makes all the difference to a party or wedding, and harp sets a classy and romantic mood. While I have been performing at weddings since I was 13, accompanying weddings with harp has brought a new dimension to that endeavour. For jazz standards, please check with Leftover Dreams.

My repertoire includes Celtic, traditional, Medieval, original and some classical pieces. I play solo harp, and often play with other musicians, including harp duet, harp and guitar, and harp with recorder or flute. Please contact me to discuss the details of your event, to ensure availability and to ask for a quote.

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